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A New Generation of Integrative Work for Personal and Planetary Transformation
For four billion years planetary consciousness unfolded at a relatively glacial pace. Then we humans appeared and, as the opening scene of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, so beautifully illustrated, everything changed in the blink of an eye.
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The virtual (verbal/conceptual) mind was born, with consciousness free from any fixed position, able to imagine any future and set a course to realize it. Within a relatively short time, we entered the Anthropocene era, where humans dominate the planet.

Of course, our record has been decidedly mixed. We have created cities and civilizations, art and agriculture, religious, and sciences... but also wars and oppression, environmental destructions and genocide, poverty and pain.
Our destructive power grew in the 20th century into atomic bombs and world wars, and now in the 21st century, into the threat of environmental apocalypse (climate change, water shortages, global viruses). All the old institutions—economic, political, inter-cultural—are falling apart, bringing us truly to the double meaning of the Chinese word for crisis: danger and opportunity.

Courses in 2024
Community for Integral Mind & Action Studies

The Community for Integral Mind and Action (CIMA) is one of many traditions springing up in response to the environmental, societal, and political crises of our time. It outlines a basic evolutionary framework wherein consciousness moves through four stages — Spirit, Nature, Mind (virtual consciousness), and Integral — and sees us stuck in the middle of the Virtual (Mind) era.

The Community of Integral Mind and Action is a set of principles and methods committed to illuminating potential transformational paths. It uses the metaphor of ego-isolation to describe how we create the shadow-driven pathologies of destruction, individual and collective versions of addictions, trauma fields, i
deological savagery, and relational violence. It then articulates how to develop and creatively use the eco-mind of integral consciousness to bring all the discordant elements into a generative harmony of healing and transformational growth. 

CIMA offers multiple programs across four core learning areas:
Generative Trance, Gene
rative Coaching, Creative Mind, and the Hero's Journey.  All share the underlying framework of integral consciousness and constitute four transformational methods of Integral Mind and Consciousness.
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Generative Coaching

Generative Trance/
Trance Camp

The Hero's Journey

Creative Mind

Through our offerings, you can:
  • Take Individual Courses,  
  • Receive Certification in a given modality -- by concentrating your studies in a specific core area and becoming certified in it,  and
  • Most importantly, receive Certification in Community for Integral Mind and Action (CIMA) -- which encompasses interrelated mastery of the four modalities together.   
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